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Donita Bourns Douglas is Executive Vice President of Client Success. She has held the position as director of educational programs for the Oklahoma Bar Association, where she developed one of the most successful CLE programs in the United States. Donita has also served as an instructor at the Oklahoma City University School of Law, is an emeritus member of the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Inn of Court, and is past president of the Association of Continuing Legal Education (ACLEA). She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Southern Methodist University and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Oklahoma College Of Law.
3 03, 2016

Jazz, Leadership, and Continuing Education

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Recently, the Harvard Business Review sent an email promoting a book called “Yes to the Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons from Jazz” by Frank J. Barrett. The title alone grabbed my attention, and then I remembered a few Jazz musicians I knew, who talked about improvisation and experimentation as key elements of creating music. Not only [...]

22 02, 2016

The Concept of New Year

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Now that it is February I just have to ask: How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? No doubt many of you are still plugging away and achieving success, but for most folks that go through the resolution exercise that is not the case. The concept of New Year’s resolutions has always been a [...]

26 01, 2016

Join Our Product Tour Tomorrow!

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When is the last time you made a significant purchase without looking at the reviews, or testing it out? These days we don’t even go to the movies without first seeing a preview. And now’s your chance to get a preview of the InReach continuing education management system. Join our Product Tour tomorrow at 2pm [...]

21 05, 2015

Course Design for the Modern Learner

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As Neil recently pointed out in his blog, learners have changed, and their learning preferences have changed. The question then becomes, how do you develop courses that will engage, stimulate, educate and excite the modern learner? Here are some course design tips we thought you might find helpful: Make it bite-sized. Over-loaded schedules and frequent [...]

4 08, 2014

Bringing the Flipped Classroom to CE

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Education never stops – we hear that every day. And it’s true; people continue to learn long after they have left the comfort of the classroom or lecture hall. For many, career choices demand certain certifications and compliance requirements, which necessitates the need for professional education. Here’s the thing – while the importance of education [...]

20 05, 2014

The River Guide and Continuing Education

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I read a Seth Godin blog recently called The River Guide and the Rapids. It’s a post that could relate to a lot of things, but I immediately connected it to the professional associations we do business with. The gist of the post is that domain expertise provides the knowledge and flexibility that allows a [...]

8 05, 2014

Preparing for the June Compliance Deadline

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Everyone’s favorite time of year is just around the corner- Compliance Time! The June CLE compliance deadline can be a very busy, and if properly planned for, very lucrative time of year for membership associations. The best way to minimize the headaches and maximize the revenue is to plan in advance. As Alexander Graham Bell [...]

30 04, 2014

How to Launch a Successful Online CE Catalog

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It is baseball time in America and one of the best quotes from a baseball movie is from Field of Dreams:  “If you build it he will come.”  Some have used the quote changing “he” to “they.”  In the movie there was a bit of doubt and a little risk taking in the building of [...]

22 04, 2014

What’s Your Great Idea?

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The “Great Ideas Conference” is an event provided by the American Society of Association Executives that I attended and presented at in March. It was my first time to attend this conference, and I was astonished with everything related to the event: the registrants, the presentations, the networking, and all the fun. Truly, great ideas [...]

27 02, 2014

Discover efficiencies with CLE administration support

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Continuing education accreditation, particularly continuing legal education accreditation, requires thorough knowledge of mandatory legal continuing education rules that affect the credit requirements in each state. It can take hours of research for a CLE provider to determine if their courses meet state requirements. Each course must be approved by accrediting bodies, and the approval process [...]