Hello! I hope this newsletter finds you well and achieving your personal and professional goals.

If we are to be an effective and valued partner to you, we first need a powerful answer to the question, “What makes an effective solution provider (partner)?” I reason, if we have an answer to that question, the likelihood that InReach can be – and continue to be an effective partner for you – would be greatly enhanced, as it would enable us to heighten the level of focus of our thoughts and actions.

To establish an answer to that question, I thought about the partnerships that InReach has with our own solution providers (partners) and found that if one or more of the following three characteristics were met, it was indeed an effective partnership. Effective partnerships with solutions providers enabled InReach to:

  1. Execute a current InReach strategy, or action plan
  2. Improve the execution of a current InReach strategy
  3. Make a new or more powerful InReach strategy possible

And that’s the moment we started to assess if InReach has one or more of these characteristics for you and your organization. We also reasoned, long-lasting and effective partnerships requires us to continue to innovate our software and solutions to enable #3 – Make more powerful tactics and strategies possible for you. This reasoning continues to drive InReach’s future vision. If you assess we aren’t achieving one or more of these characteristics for you, please contact me right away – I definitely want to discuss your concerns.

With that, I invite you to join us and attend the 2017 InReach User’s Meeting, where we’ll discuss InReach’s future vision and many of our existing and new solutions which are intended to help you to execute, improve upon, or make new strategies possible!

Once again, thank you very much for your partnership. As always, please reach out to us with any comments or questions. I can be reached directly at nashizawa@inreachce.com or (512) 904-1829.

Until next time, every good wish.

Neil Ashizawa