Hello! I hope this newsletter finds you well and achieving your personal and professional goals.

My previous letter to you introduced a theme – ‘personalization’. InReach’s vision centers around personalization – as in, “How can InReach solutions increase the level of personalization between you and your members and learners?”

Market research supports the claim that the number of consumers that prefer a personalized experience when shopping online continues to rise. The ability for the InReach catalog to personalize the online experience requires the ability to analyze your learners’ previous behavior. Through behavioral analysis, the InReach catalog will eventually personalize your learners’ present experience, predict their needs and prescribe to them relevant programming.

The InReach CE Tracker, a new module which we’ve brought to market, provides valuable benefits to both you and your learners. We are very excited to share the details of these benefits with you in this edition of our newsletter. In the future, the power of the InReach CE Tracker will continue to increase, especially since it is such a powerful data source for learner behavior. We plan to use this data as a major driver for our personalized, predictive and prescriptive platform!

Once again, thank you very much for your partnership. As always, please reach out to us with any comments or questions. I can be reached directly at nashizawa@inreachce.com or (512) 904-1829.

Until next time, every good wish.
Neil Ashizawa