Hello! I hope this newsletter finds you well and achieving your personal and professional goals.

I’d like to discuss the topic of ‘innovation’ with you. A software and services company must have high expertise in the act of innovating, if they are to become and remain a trusted partner.

The simple definition of ‘innovation’ is to produce a new method, idea or product (Google search). However, while all definitions are valid, not all definitions are equally powerful or purposeful. So InReach has a different take on innovation. We believe that innovation is the result of possessing the knowledge to produce offers and practices that enhance people’s capacity to take care of their business concerns.

With that, we’ve included articles in this newsletter with content  driven by InReach innovation. You’ll find an article on the launch of our new HTML5 Customer Module and an article on an effective marketing technique called, Referral Marketing. Innovation can cross multiple domains of action, whether it’s new software development, or enhanced marketing practices. I hope you find our newsletter to be insightful, which may open new thoughts and ideas that enhance your capacity to take care of your concerns.

Once again, thank you very much for your partnership. As always, please reach out to us with any comments or questions. I can be reached directly at nashizawa@inreachce.com or (512) 904-1829.