Must See Six: April

Must See Six: April

Let’s face it—the times, they are a’changing.  Currently, Millenials make up a third of the workforce, and by 2020 they’ll be in the majority. Not to mention, they’re an interesting bunch to employ, engage and retain. Here’s a great round-up of articles to begin learning what makes this newest generation tick.

Meet the Millennials: The consumers to change the marketing landscape

Understand what millennials value, and discover the best ways to connect with them and market to them.

Designing New Opportunities for Millennial Members Association Now

Look at how AIGA, the professional association for design, is adjusting to changing membership demographics and needs.

5 Surprising Reasons Millennials Join and Stay with Your Association MemberClicks

If you don’t embrace change and accept new members’ ideas and visions your association runs the risk of dying out. So how do you get more Millennials in your association?

I am a millennial. What can your association offer me? Small Staff Big Impact

Helpful information from a millennial on how to get and keep millenials as members

Could a Student-Run Session or Event Benefit Your Association? Association Now

Cornell University lets its Hotel School students plan and execute a weekend conference for leading hospitality professionals. What if your organization did something similar to engage those who are about to enter your industry?

How Millennial Are You? Pew Research Center

Take this 14 question quiz from the Pew Research Center and see how “Millennial” you are.

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