10 05, 2018

InReach Videography Services

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Video is an important aspect of our everyday lifestyle. It drives the daily decisions we make, whether we realize it or not. According to Forbes, including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%. They also report the top 3 most effective types of video content are Customer Testimonials (51%), Tutorial [...]

10 05, 2018

Valleys of Professional Practice: How CE Might Help

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“All of life is peaks and valleys.  Don’t let the peaks get too high and the valleys too low.” -John Wooden Some people take their work too seriously and talk about the most boring things. You know the type.  They go on and on about things that seem insignificant in the big scheme of things. [...]

10 05, 2018

Death to Silverlight: A Project Retrospective

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It has been two years since InReach announced plans to modernize our administrative tools, taking them out of Silverlight and rebuilding them in HTML5. As of May 1st, 2018 the project was completed with the roll out of the Setup and Manage modules. The entire team at InReach, not just the engineers who were hard [...]

10 05, 2018

Get to Know the InReach Staff – Brandon Haynie

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What do you do at InReach? Thanks for asking! I’m on the production team (It’s a dang good team by the way.) My duties vary. Most of my focus is on our professional and creative video venture now, but also spend a good deal of time traveling the country filming and streaming seminars for our [...]

12 03, 2018

Reporting, InReach and You

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An integral function of any continuing education management system is the ability to report on your learner’s activity. Whether it’s sales data to keep an eye on your financials or completion data for reporting to a regulatory board, knowing what your learners are doing is essential to running a successful continuing education program. You’re most [...]

8 03, 2018

Get to Know Our IT Systems Manager

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What do you do at InReach? I am the IT Systems Manager (aka the Computer Geek) at InReach. It is my responsibility to keep all the technology online and protected.  This includes desktops, servers, email, local storage, backups, phones, Cloud storage, and whatever else people need. How long have you worked at InReach? I am one of [...]

8 03, 2018

Here’s to Our Collective Future Success

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I want to take a moment to say “Thank you” to the InReach family. We value each of you, and we welcome your ideas, your questions, your concerns, and your challenges. This month’s message focuses on growth. As InReach grows, our ability to add development resources increases. By increasing our development capabilities, we become better [...]

8 03, 2018

Net Promoter Score: How Are We Doing?

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Many continuing education providers use evaluations to assess what their learners think about an individual educational product.  Occasionally, an organization will conduct a member-wide survey to collect information on the educational opportunities provided.  Seldom, if ever, do continuing education providers conduct a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey.  As a part of a blog series about [...]