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A comprehensive solution, powering the educational and training programs of leading professional organizations.

InReach manages and delivers continuing education and training programs using a sophisticated continuing education management system (CEMS) and services. Unlike the typical learning management system (LMS), the InReach system is designed to accommodate the unique needs of accredited content and learners who must maintain licenses and/or certification. Some of the latest developments include support for mobile devices and SCORM compliant courses.

We’ve looked at other providers and found nothing else out there that meets all of our needs and works with us as well as InReach…

ANNETTE LARGIN, Program Attorney/Online Programs,
CLE Alabama


Your learners can browse courses, register for classes, and access content easily. And, with a sophisticated shopping cart, streamlined checkout process, and comprehensive payment options, your learners will have a seamless eCommerce experience.
Your learners can register and create a profile on the InReach system so that repeat shopping is easier and more convenient. The InReach system provides duplicate registration verification, delegate registrations, cart memory, and real-time transaction confirmations.
InReach provides your learners with immediate confirmation of successful registrations, complete transaction details, and direct links to users’ personal accounts for easy, immediate access to purchased items. For registered events, there is automatic registrant notification of changes to event schedules or access details and scheduled event reminders.


InReach leverages a cloud-based content delivery network and provides a state-of-the-art viewer which enables your learners to view webcasts, webinars, replays and on-demand multi-media content over the internet. Depending on the type of course content, the InReach viewer automatically optimizes the experience for the participant while providing an effective online learning environment.
Your learners can view broadcasts of live events over the internet, view slide content in harmony with the speaker, download relevant material and type questions and receive answers in real-time.
You can pre-schedule a time for your learners to view replays of live events.
Your learners can view recorded webcasts or webinars at their convenience.
Your learners can benefit from the flexibility and interactivity provided by SCORM compliant courses.

Testing & Certification

Easily create and configure tests to meet your testing accreditation rules.
Both pre-tests and post-tests are available, to help ensure that you can help your learners meet certification requirements. Note: may be mandatory standard set by governing bodies.
Offer Interval tests during the on-demand content to keep the learner engaged. Note: may be a mandatory standard set by governing bodies.
Offer a Retention Test after the completion of a course to ensure learners have retained key course information. Note: may be a mandatory standard set by governing bodies.
Randomly select questions out of a question pool so that learners have different tests.
Provide feedback on both correct and incorrect answers for enhanced learning.
Automatically track the time spent watching and listening to course content.
Automatic certificate delivery when all testing and tracking standards have been met.

Marketing & Promotions

Your users can opt-in to receive automatic email notifications when courses they’re interested in are added to your catalog.
Your learners can rate the course based on a 5-star rating and provide comments and reviews. They also receive “you might also like” recommendations based on past purchases.
The catalog was designed to enable you to provide the best possible shopping experience for your customers. This includes the ability to customize descriptions, add photographs, and highlight specific products and pricing.
Create special offers and promotions by bundling courses and offering sophisticated discounting and early-bird pricing.
Feature courses right on you CE landing page.

Reporting & Analytics

Effectively report on your sales and revenue.
Effectively report on your learners’ completed courses and the credits that they’ve earned.
Year over year, effectively identify and measure trends.
And we offer many more reports to help you make effective business decisions that result in increased participant benefits and CE revenue.

Production & Development

InReach handles production for all online formats—webcasts, webinars, and podcasts. Choose full or self-service production options—let us handle it for you or we’ll just make sure you have what you need to handle in-house.
InReach provides a host of full- and self-service production options for webcasts, webinars, and on-demand programs. InReach media conversion services help you convert existing programs (like audio and video tapes) into contemporary online forms.
If you are just getting started with online CE programs or want to expand your existing catalog, the InReach Sharing Network™ allows you to offer your learners everything they are looking for. The Sharing Network™ allows you to build a robust CE or training catalog without the need to create every program in-house. It also provides an additional revenue stream for content you develop.