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To offer the best education experience to your learners, it definitely pays to share.

Whether just getting started with a new catalog, or if you simply want to expand your revenue opportunities, the InReach Sharing Network™ is ready to work for you and your learners.

I can share our programs with other state associations and also opt into programs from other states. This is especially beneficial with hot topics and niche topics that I would probably never offer…

JOANNE HINNENDAEL, Director of Continuing Legal Education,
NH Bar Association

Sharing Network™ – “We want to stay ahead of the curve.”

Expand Your Catalog

As the only Professional CE Sharing Network™, InReach is one-of-a-kind, simple to use and drives positive impact to our customers’ content offerings and bottom lines.

Put Content to Work

The Sharing Network™ also provides an opportunity to expand your audience. You’ve made an investment in your content, so why not get returns that make a difference? By placing the content you’d like to share in the Sharing Network™, you automatically get an additional revenue stream—and awareness for the great education you’re putting out there.

We Take Care of the Rest

Whether sharing your content with the network or adding additional courses to your catalog, we manage it all for you—delivery, accounting and payments. It’s that easy!

  • Browse the library of available courses
  • Choose the course you’d like to add with the click of a button
  • That’s it—you’ve just added the courses to your own catalog
  • The rest is managed for you