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Live Event and Webcasting Services

InReach has the expertise and technology to ensure that your customers have a positive experience. Use InReach services for video-capture, formatting, and staging; and our experienced team can help you deliver your event online.

  • Onsite capture and videography. Our trained and experienced technicians will manage all aspects of the event capture and/or webcasting on-site, leaving you free to focus on your attendees. This is a fast, easy and painless way to create live, replay or on-demand content.
  • Webcasting. Want to live stream your event, but can’t spare your staff to monitor your webcast? Let InReach send a skilled technician to monitor your webcast and capture the content for future use. If you have your own production crew, InReach self-service can help you achieve the same great results. Every program we deliver is viewed through our fully customizable viewer with InReach tracking and certification procedures enabled as needed.
  • Repurposing. We’ll help you repurpose your live event content for replays at a later date, or for on demand content.
  • InReach Event Capture Appliance. As compact as a laptop, as powerful as a production company, the InReach High-Definition Event Capture Appliance delivers the technology you need to produce premium quality, feature-rich, interactive online programs. Automatically synchronize audio, video and slide content to transform your in-person event into best-in-class online programming.

Webinar Services

Webinars managed within the InReach system provide the same convenience as all of the other programs managed within our system. Simply enter the event into the catalog, designate it as a webinar, and the InReach system manages the rest—from infrastructure scheduling to participant notification and updates. If you have limited staff resources and a busy schedule, these additional services may be for you.

  • Remote Moderation. We can introduce your speakers, moderate any Q&A, and close out any of your webinars.
  • Presenter System Training. We’ll train your presenters and conduct practice sessions, so they can focus on the content, not the technology.
  • GoToTraining Integration. You can choose to leverage GoToTraining as your webinar platform and take advantage of the full interactivity features it offers such as polling, video chat and more!

Audio/Video Content Services

Want the most professional looking and sounding content? Whether it is converting your live event recording, or any other audio or video content, we’ll make it look and sound great.

  • Basic Editing Services. We provide basic editing services such as cutting out pre-event recorded items, breaks, and post-event items not related to the course material. We will also synchronize slide transitions with the audio track, if you supply the slide times.
  • On Demand. We will convert your content into on-demand format. And while editing is not usually required, we can assist where needed. We support digital, tape, DVD, and CD formats.
  • Custom Video Production. If you have more extensive video editing needs, we’re here to help. We offer:
    • Custom Edits (overlay, picture adjustment, audio adjustments, etc)
    • Custom Video Effects
    • Speaker Edits (requires editing notes with times)
    • Slide Synching
    • Transcription
    • Live seminar to DVD service