27 08, 2013

Customer Service Always Learning

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Working in the service industry for 20+ years, I’ve become quite fascinated with how companies, in any industry, approach the customer experience.  For the most part, when contacting a customer service department, I enjoy those moments of seeing how a company is going to handle solving my issue.  I am either going to take away [...]

12 08, 2013

Selecting the Right LMS for your Organization

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In a previous blog post by our CEO, Sara Spivey, she deftly distinguishes the key differences between a typical Learning Management System (LMS) and a Continuing Education Management System (CEMS). Understanding these differences will definitely help you to select the right CEMS for your organization. However, when it comes to making that decision, I recommend [...]

8 08, 2013

The Future of Learning with a Virtual Twist

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An article by Samantha Whitehorne in Associations Now caught my eye: The Future of Learning, According to Millennials.  It’s a pretty intriguing title on a number of levels. First, if reasonable journalists are going to stick their necks out far enough to reach into the future, I assume they are inspired by some pretty good [...]

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