What do you do at InReach?
Thanks for asking! I’m on the production team (It’s a dang good team by the way.) My duties vary. Most of my focus is on our professional and creative video venture now, but also spend a good deal of time traveling the country filming and streaming seminars for our stellar partners.

How long have you worked at InReach?
Since February 16, 2017. So, one year and three months. Loved every minute of it.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
First off, probably working with an awesome group of people. It’s been a blast. Second, getting creative freedom daily. Coming up with new creative video concepts for our partners and other organizations and companies outside the InReach family has been very fulfilling.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
My dad had a great idea back ‘95. Load up my mom, sister and myself, take out all the seats in the van, replace with bean bags and a 500-pound box TV with VCR, and head out to Hilton Head Island. Being an Okie, we’d never seen the beach. We spent a few days there and then headed down to Disney. I can’t believe we survived!

What are your hobbies?
When I get the time I like to golf, fish and hunt birds. I went to Oklahoma State (Go Pokes), so I try and hit as many games up in Stillwater as I can. We’re in the process of a house remodel right now, so I’m mostly out in the garage these days trying not to botch cutting wood (I’ve got a pretty good “scrap” pile.) We’re active in our church, food consumption is a big deal to us, and of course, Netflix.

What is your favorite movie of all time?
Hmmm, I’d probably say Forrest Gump. Or Shawshank Redemption. Or The Dark Knight.

What do you want our clients to know about you?
That I care about their success! If they succeed, then so do we. It’s the ultimate partnership. I love to talk (sometimes too much), so if anyone as a creative video idea, hit me up! And if you’re traveling through Oklahoma, let’s go eat. My treat.