Each year we invite User Meeting attendees to share tips about how they use the catalog most effectively. We call this session Ignite InReach. As always, this year’s Ignite InReach session was packed with helpful tips. This month we would like to share those tips with you!

A picture is worth a thousand words: 

“We find that our members purchase courses based upon the speakers — even just the speaker’s name and image seem to improve product sales.”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video clip is even better:

“Demos (previews) allow my users to decide in-the-moment to add the CLE to their cart without the need to comb through additional information. I also share in content more readily if a demo video is attached.”

Did you know:  If you share in a video that includes a demo (preview), you can edit the time frame of the demo version that appears in your catalog. Instead of defaulting to the first minutes of the program, set the time frame to a program highlight; a time frame that doesn’t include the housekeeping details.


“About once a week I publish our 5-star ratings.  The rating feature is particularly nice for seminars with multiple delivery types, the customer ratings show up on all associated products — even our shippables. The reviews also help me know if there is an issue with a product. Customers don’t usually call with concerns, but they will mention issues in a review.”

“We know that 4- and 5-star ratings boost our sales. In today’s market, we are competing against many low-cost CE providers online. It is refreshing to see that people are still looking for the quality content that we provide.”

Share the work:

“We have been able to round out our content offerings by using the InReach Sharing Network™.”

“When my state changed attendance requirements, I was able to provide live events to my members quickly by using the InReach Sharing Network™.  I otherwise don’t have the staff to host the number of live programs my members need.”

Did you know:  If you set floor pricing before you share content in the InReach Sharing Network™ affiliates who choose to share your content cannot charge less than your floor pricing.

Why re-invent the wheel?  Use Replays!

“We found a way to boost sales in the quiet days of summer – we used Replays! We set up a replay schedule using three broad topic courses offered three times a week for two weeks. Sending the same simple eBlast to our member two weeks in a row generated over twice the number of registrants from the previous year. “

Ah, those last-minute speakers!

“I love that I can drag and drop, then reorder materials in courses. It makes it easy to keep up with speakers who hand me materials at the last minute.”

“Ad-ing” to the Webcasts:

“I love to use the Image Carousel in Wirecast before webcasts and during breaks to display ads and play music.”

Target the Learning:

Many of our Admins have shared that sending emails targeting specific content, rather than a general link to their catalog, seems to boost sales. In addition to sharing links for specific courses, you can share links to a search results page. One Admin found a simple way to share:

“I love using Ctl + Q to share the search results page from my catalog.  I choose a search term that will bring up several content offerings when entered into the search field.  I hit Ctl + Q when I am on the results page. This brings up a pop-up window with the URL to copy and share.”

If you want to implement or learn more about any of these tips, please contact your client success manager!