Along with two others from the InReach team, Neil Ashizawa and Blake Wendel, I attended the AAMSE (Advancing Professionalism in Medical Society Management) meeting last week in St. Louis.  Connecting with clients and meeting other medical association professionals was fun and informative.  It was clear that participants were growing professionally by coming together:  discussing issues, hearing from experts, and sharing ideas.  A spirit of collaboration permeated the meeting.
That collaborative spirit carried over in discussions with many of those who stopped at the InReach exhibit table.  While munching on M&Ms, conversations invariably pointed to one of two themes:  associations with no continuing medical education that wanted to provide CME or associations that had created continuing medical education content and wanted to share it.
The rapidly-changing CME world has put many medical associations in a challenging position.  Pharmaceutical companies are no longer the main providers of CME, and medical associations are expected to fill the void.  Accredited providers have to do more and provide content in substantive areas previously unaddressed.  Associations that are not accredited providers are looking for ways to provide the benefit of CME to members.   Medical associations often have no educational staff or not enough educational staff to plan and provide those programs.
Because medical association professionals work smart and seem to always have the best interests of their members at heart, sharing and collaboration seems to come easily to them.  Sharing of CME products between medical professional organizations is a logical next step in the delivery of association CME.
Leveraging the work of medical association peers results in potentially a more comprehensive CME offering to members.   Providing CME to members is a not just about selecting technology tools, that’s the easy part.  Providing CME to members is about creating the best possible member benefit, and if you tackle the task with the spirit of collaboration that already exists at AAMSE, everyone will succeed.