It’s that time of year where we celebrate what we’ve accomplished, and we plan for things to come.  As for many of you, this time of year is typically very busy at InReach.  We have several clients whose compliance periods end on December 31st.  The team is staffed and ready for the December rush.

Early this year, we finished the final components of the Admin module rewrite, where we ported our application from the archaic “Silverlight” technology that it had been developed in years ago.  Some of you are well aware that the rewrite was our primary focus for the previous 18-24 months, where little else got done from a development perspective.  As a result, we began the second quarter with a significant backlog of projects that had been on the back burner for some time while we focused on the rewrite project.  In addition, we had a few mid-year launches of new client catalogs.  Needless to say, the development team has been running at full speed the entire year.  We are currently prioritizing and scheduling dozens of development opportunities for the next 4-6 quarters.

Our videography team was rebranded earlier this year and we now refer to them as InReach Production Services, or IPS for short.  We improved our technology along with our knowledge and are well positioned to take your videography needs to the next level.  Weather you would like to create an executive keynote address, a branded pre-roll intro for your on-demand and live events, or simply want to improve the quality of your captured events, please let the IPS team help.

Your InReach Client Success team and Contact Center stayed consistently busy throughout the year.  We launched 6 new catalogs and handled more than 32,000 helpdesk requests and the year is not quite over…whew!

We have a few new faces around the office.  Five team members joined InReach this year and we’re about to add one or two more.  We moved into our new office in November, 2017, so we also spent the early portion of this year getting settled.  If you ever find yourself in Austin, TX, please let us know.  We’d love to show off our office and introduce you to everyone.

We look forward to the new year, where we’ll be launching new functionality and improving our platform infrastructure, making your learner’s experience better.  Thank you to every one of our partners.  We value your business and your friendship.  Please let us know how we can continue to evolve our products and services to better serve you and your learners.

Happy Holidays to you all and best wishes for a great 2019.

Don Decker, InReach President