30 04, 2014

How to Launch a Successful Online CE Catalog

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It is baseball time in America and one of the best quotes from a baseball movie is from Field of Dreams:  “If you build it he will come.”  Some have used the quote changing “he” to “they.”  In the movie there was a bit of doubt and a little risk taking in the building of [...]

25 04, 2014

April Greetings

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For starters, I would like to take this moment to thank you for your valued partnership. The collaborative relationship we maintain with you is without equal in today’s business world and I feel very fortunate to be a part of it. My previous letter to you introduced a theme – upholding and increasing your marketplace [...]

24 04, 2014

Must See Six: April

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Let’s face it—the times, they are a’changing.  Currently, Millenials make up a third of the workforce, and by 2020 they’ll be in the majority. Not to mention, they’re an interesting bunch to employ, engage and retain. Here’s a great round-up of articles to begin learning what makes this newest generation tick. Meet the Millennials: The [...]

22 04, 2014

What’s Your Great Idea?

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The “Great Ideas Conference” is an event provided by the American Society of Association Executives that I attended and presented at in March. It was my first time to attend this conference, and I was astonished with everything related to the event: the registrants, the presentations, the networking, and all the fun. Truly, great ideas [...]

13 04, 2014

Heartbleed: Better Safe than Sorry

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Last week’s headliner was the Heartbleed bug, a security flaw found in OpenSSL that is used to encrypt information being passed between web servers like usernames, passwords, cookies, etc. Reports are saying this may be one of the most serious security breaches the Internet has ever seen. So, here’s an overview of the bug and [...]

6 04, 2014

Part 2: How Should I Price the CE Content I Deliver?

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Our clients often ask us, “How should I price the CE courses that I provide to the professionals in the industry our organization serves?” Understanding our answer is typically the easy part. Executing upon our answer seems to be more of a challenge. This blog posting is the second part of a two-post series and [...]

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