Why do professional associations and other CME providers use InReach?

Because our continuing education management system (CEMS) automates the CME delivery process from cataloging and registration to purchasing, delivery, testing, and certification. Because we provide a level of service that offloads the burden from your staff to ours. Because we have ten years of experience bringing successful continuing education programs online.

  • Convenience. With a centralized area to host and manage content, track and report on participation and certification, InReach drives operational efficiency. 
  • Compliance. Unlike other learning management systems, the InReach system is designed to handle pre, interval, post and retention testing, as well as tracking learner participation; features required by the majority of CME programs. 
  • Retention & Satisfaction. Doctors look to their associations and practices for the training needed to advance their careers and develop professionally. A depth and breadth of educational content drives loyalties that make your doctors come back for more. InReach helps you build a leading-edge online CME offering with minimal cost, risk, or effort. 
  • Relevance. Our unique content sharing network provides access to a large library of current CME content. 
  • Revenue. Whether an organization chooses to increase event participation via live webcasting, or chooses to sell its content on our unique Sharing Network, or chooses to profit from online ads, the InReach platform can help generate additional revenue. 
  • Variety. The InReach platform enables your organization to offer content in a variety of formats, and through a variety of delivery options, supplementing your live event revenue stream. 
  • Branded. InReach integrates into your existing website and business critical-systems, reinforcing your brand while eliminating redundant manual data entry tasks.