Why do professional associations and non-profits use InReach?

Because our technology enables you to connect and communicate with your members, volunteers and donors, and provide the quality education and training they expect from you. Because our technology automates the education delivery process from registration to delivery, and any required certification. Because we have ten years of experience and provide a level of service that offloads the burden from your staff to ours.

  • Awareness. By providing easily accessible, relevant educational content, your organization will develop the reputation of being a go-to industry resource. 
  • Educated and invigorated base. Use the InReach platform to help educate and enthuse your members, volunteers, and donors about your organization’s mission. 
  • Increased member retention and satisfaction for Associations. Professionals look to their associations for the training needed to advance their careers and develop professionally. InReach helps you build a leading-edge online educational offering with minimal cost, risk, or effort. 
  • More efficient training. By capturing content once, and making it available on-demand through the InReach platform, organizations can more quickly train volunteers and employees, and ensure consistency in training. 
  • Alternative revenue stream. If desired, the InReach platform can monetize educational content via online ads, or participation in our unique Sharing Network. 
  • Content repository. With a centralized area to host and manage content, track and report on participation and any certification, InReach drives operational efficiency while being the ultimate content repository.