28 11, 2013

A Free & Easy Member Benefit

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In addition to providing formal continuing education to your members, quick and easy recommendations on other professional resources can increase your value in their eyes. This can be as simple as linking to relevant news article in your newsletter and re-publishing it in your member publication (with permission of course). Go a step further by [...]

17 11, 2013

Selling Your Value

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Selling the value of your organization’s membership can sometimes be tricky. What are potential members looking for? What will retain them? What will keep them actively engaged? Earlier this month on Forbes.com, Patrick Hull gives professionals four reasons they should join trade and professional associations. Conversely, as one of the associations professionals are considering joining, [...]

14 11, 2013

Year One. Job One.

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October 8th marked my one year anniversary at InReach. It’s been a year of learning about the market for continuing education, our clients, and the members they serve. It’s also been a year of understanding InReach and how we need to change and grow in order to better serve that market, and more importantly provide an [...]

13 11, 2013

Must See Six: November

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Editorial: The Future is Now, Meetings.net As a recent survey by Elsevier’s Office of Continuing Medical Education, Academic CME, and ArcheMedX recently found, clinicians are moving away from their traditional reliance on live activities and toward getting more of their education online. Forbes makes move into online MBAs, Financial Times “The opportunity to bring business [...]

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