October 8th marked my one year anniversary at InReach. It’s been a year of learning about the market for continuing education, our clients, and the members they serve. It’s also been a year of understanding InReach and how we need to change and grow in order to better serve that market, and more importantly provide an exceptional service experience to our clients and their customers.


I couldn’t be more excited about embarking on Year 2. I am continuing to assemble a great team that is committed to not only enhancing the product by bringing more new features and functionality, but also improving every interaction we have with our customers. New operational processes in our support and production areas, as well as in in our “back room operations” promise to deliver improvements to our clients in terms of both turnaround time as well as quality. We’ve added staff in our client facing groups: client services, account management, end user support, and production services.


The entire InReach team, starting with me, is being asked to put client satisfaction into the heart of everything we do. And if we aren’t meeting your expectations, I want to hear from you. As I said to a client just this week, “I can’t fix what I don’t know about.” I commit to hearing your concerns and resolving them as quickly as I can. Our goal is “customer delight” and I’m looking forward to delivering on it.