InReach Productions (IRP) creates videos made just for you. That’s right, you! Whether that be live-action or animation, IRP is passionate about bringing your story to life through the art of video.

  • Live-Action Videos showcase your brand, company team or products on camera.
  • Animated Videos are a fun and eye-catching way to promote your product or message.

With both live-action and animation being completely customizable to you and your organization, InReach Productions helps you by takes it a step further.

Pondering what type of video to start with? IRP makes it easy! With InReach Productions specializing in Company Culture, Testimonials, Corporate, Animated Explainers, Live Events and Educational Videos, there is bound to be a topic that intertwines with what you are looking for.

Because we know how much we all love videos, InReach Productions even creates professional looking seminars your members will love. Let your high-quality content meet pro-level video – the two pair exquisitely together!

Here are some ideas to bounce from:

  • Start your seminar off with a bold intro explaining to your attendees what is to come. This is a great eye-catching way to get your attendees buzzing about their upcoming seminar!
  • Is there a theme in place for your seminar? Great! With having a set theme, this opens the door to jazz up your PPT slides while keeping with the overall concept.
  • Be sure to grab your attendees attention from the get-go with custom titles introducing the course and presenter(s).

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to video creation with IRP. Reach out to your Client Success Manager to learn more about InReach Productions and all they have to offer.