I want to take a moment to say “Thank you” to the InReach family. We value each of you, and we welcome your ideas, your questions, your concerns, and your challenges. This month’s message focuses on growth. As InReach grows, our ability to add development resources increases. By increasing our development capabilities, we become better equipped to add functionality and continue evolving the platforms that you and your learners rely upon. Each improvement in a learner’s experience increases the chances that the learner will return to your catalog and consume additional content.

We view our growth potential on two fronts: First, by attracting new clients, and second, by helping our existing clients grow.  The rest of this message is a call to action because we believe that you can help with both.  Here are a few brief thoughts on each:

You might be the best resource we have to find and convince new clients to partner with InReach.  You all know others within your industry space.  You network with your peers at professional conferences and meetings and throughout the course of business in general.  You might have opportunities to let others know what InReach does for your organization.  Remember that by helping us add clients, you contribute to the growing number of ideas for platform and learner experience improvement.  So, talk about InReach to people you know, offer to make an introduction, or send suggestions to your CSM.

Our other growth opportunity is mirrored by your own growth potential.  We just launched an internal campaign aimed at helping our clients grow.  Our CSMs have been challenged to work with each of you to assess your catalogs, your programs, and your CE strategies.  We need to understand your goals, and we want to help you reach them.  Our success will be a byproduct of your success.  Everybody wins!  Your learners’ experiences improve, your organizations prosper, and InReach continues to be the industry’s example of excellence.

We are proud of the products we provide and the services we deliver, but we are not satisfied.  We are looking towards tomorrow (and well beyond) and we need your help.   We are part of one big professional family and we all stand to prosper together.  Until next time…all the best.