1307, 2017

Volunteer Appreciation: Show Them You Care!

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Many InReach clients are professional organizations that rely heavily on volunteers to develop and deliver professional continuing education. Volunteer planners and presenters are critical to the success of continuing education offered by associations, law schools, medical associations, and other organizations. While CE professionals recognize this symbiotic relationship and the importance of it, few have implemented measures to nurture, measure or improve relationships with volunteers. Most CE organizations limit volunteer recognition to a speaking gift, but there is so much more that can be done!

Generally, volunteer initiatives can fall into three buckets: training them, working with them, and showing appreciation for them. Here are a few ideas:


Welcome and provide orientation
Confirm expectations as a volunteer
Provide speaker training

Online and live
Address best practices in presentations, slides, and materials
Give out a certificate!

Create speaker mentoring program

Makes it easier to retire speakers
Creates a better prepared new volunteer


Start out working with new volunteers on limited tasks
Provide a manageable workload with clear deadlines
Don’t waste your volunteers time

Be prepared
Provide support

Check in with volunteers during the timeline where deliverables are being worked on
Answer emails and return calls as soon as practically possible
Communicate with appreciation in all emails and calls throughout the period


Acknowledge success

Thank you notes
Thank you on social media
Thank your volunteer’s boss or superior

Provide evaluation summaries
Provide your volunteer with an evaluation of your staff: how was it working with us, and how can we improve? Implement appropriate changes
Celebrate National Volunteer Week!

Provide a pizza lunch
Post to social media
Solicit new volunteers

Provide and publish on volunteer contributions; data for leadership and organization’s members
Publish a thank you to your volunteers in a published ad or article in your organization’s professional publications
Create an annual award spotlighting one volunteer


1505, 2017

What’s New? Our Customer Module!

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At the time of this writing, our new Customer Module has not yet been fully deployed; however, by the time you read this you’ll hopefully have had the chance to use it in your day-to-day work of managing your learners’ continuing education. When I gaze into my InReach issued crystal ball (we ran out of […]

2003, 2017

Check Out Our CE Tracker!

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Convenience: it’s an expectation we have in many aspects of our lives both online and in-person. We’ve grown accustomed to centralized online services where we can get everything we want or need and have it shipped directly to our door in two days. Want to watch a cat video like literally right now? You can […]

2608, 2015

Jen’s Corner: Tips for a successful webinar

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Our stellar Webinar Manager, Jennifer Higgins, knows what it takes to give a great presentation. Here are a few pointers she’s gathered along the way that will not only bring a sense of ease to the process, but make the material much more relatable and interesting.
• Remember it’s a team effort, your moderator/webinar coordinator is […]

1108, 2015

Ask a Webcaster – Audio

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We asked our resident webcaster, Paul Meador, about some tips to follow for a successful streaming educational experience. Previously we posted his suggestions concerning an adequate internet connection. Here’s what he had to share with us about another important aspect of an online training or event: audio.
Paul explained, “It’s very important to always remember that […]

2707, 2015

Jonas Software Announces the Acquisition of InReach Continuing Education Solutions

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Austin, TX – July, 14 2015 – Jonas Software has announced the acquisition of InReach, a leading provider of online continuing education (CE) management solutions. Recognized as the premier supplier of software and services across all of the vertical markets it covers, Jonas Software focuses on identifying, acquiring and growing great companies. The acquisition of […]

605, 2015

How Innovative Are You? Attend the Upcoming Seminar to Learn More

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We’re counting down to May 15th for the first Innovation Seminar exclusively for Association and Non-Profit executives focused on evolving your workforce, communications, technologies and budgets.

These four key areas were highlighted in the 2014 State of Digital Marketing in Associations report conducted by Demand Metric where associations and non-profits are significantly trailing behind corporations. In […]

101, 2015

NABE 2015 Annual Meeting

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2015 National Association of Bar Executives Annual Meeting
Join us for NABE 2015
July 28th-30th

101, 2015

ACLEA 2015 Annual Meeting

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2015 ACLEA Annual Meeting
Join us for ACLEA 2015
August 1st-4th
Renaissance Downtown Hotel – Chicago

101, 2015

ASAE 2015 Annual Meeting & Expo

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2015 American Society of Association Executives Annual Meeting & Expo
Join us for ASAE 2015
August 8th-11th
The Cobo Center – Detriot