If you were to gather your learners into a room and ask them to match brands to logos like a white check mark, a blue bird or a little apple symbol, how well do you think they would do? What if you did the same exercise with your logo and those of your competitors? Do you think the results would be the same?

Associations and continuing education providers rarely (I say rarely, but most likely never) have the same marketing budget as Nike, Twitter or Apple, but what those companies have that will fit into any marketing budget is branding consistency. Whether you’re considering buying a new pair or running shoes or the latest smartphone, it’s likely you’re going to start looking at a brand with strong messaging that’s easily identifiable due to the consistency and cohesion of the brand. If you want to stay competitive in your market, you’ll need to strive to create that level of consistency. One easy way to have brand consistency is to start by doing an audit of your InReach-powered catalog. Some things to look for:

  • Does the banner or header match your current website’s banner/header?
  • Do the navigation menus get your learners to where you want them to go if they’re going back to your organizational website?
  • Is there consistency in the color pallet and fonts across the catalog and your organization website?
  • If you use the right hand real estate on the catalog home page, are you using that to reinforce your brand, or is it housekeeping language that could be placed elsewhere?

In addition to the catalog pages, when was the last time you looked at the system-generated emails that are delivered through InReach? Are the emails fully branded or simply plain text? Utilizing these informative emails as another extension of your brand is a great way to not only inform your learners of their registration information, completion status, etc. but also add another learner touch point to your brand.

Are you ready to become the Nike, Twitter or Apple of continuing education? Contact your Client Success Manager today explore the possibilities and become emPowered by InReach.