New Year!  Same Great Service!

Over the years I’ve learned the art of making a New Year’s resolution.  Rather than have a list of many, unattainable goals, I’ve decided to have only one resolution a year, and the resolution must be attainable.  Since I’ve taken that approach there have been no resolutions regarding weight loss or cursing less.  Obviously.

Successful resolutions have included (mind you only one resolution a year):  Drink more wine.  Buy maple syrup and not that sugary stuff they call pancake syrup.  Eat less beef.  Read more.  This year’s resolution:  send more cards and letters using snail mail.  So far, I have kept doing the previous years’ resolutions as I add a single new resolution a year.

This approach in resolving or even getting things done is a principle I live by and a principle I urge InReachers to embrace.  (You knew I had to get to InReach.  There’s some stupid rule about blogs can’t be all about Donita.)

Here’s the deal.  Most of our clients don’t know what services we offer, much less take advantage of these services.  I challenge you to resolve requesting one of the following services in 2020.  If you need accountability, email me the service you have resolved to use.  My guess is that you’ll be satisfied and wonder, “Why didn’t I ask for XXXX before, and gosh darn, I’m going to resolve to add another service next year.”

Just ask for it:

  • Demonstration of a new delivery type that you don’t currently use.
  • Presentation of an annual business review.
  • Evaluation of your CE product pricing.
  • Assistance in identifying sharing network courses that will fill in gaps in your catalog.
  • Review of your contact center statistics and discussion of takeaways.
  • Audit of how your organization’s website provides navigation to your online CE catalog.
  • Demonstration of the InReach front and/or back end.
  • Assessment of your automatic notifications.
  • Analysis of your Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Critique (in the nicest way) of quality of your program recording.
  • Assistance in selecting new images to use in your catalog.
  • Help, depending on catalog design, in using your catalog home page to promote a product or bundle in your catalog.
  • Analysis of your catalog google analytics with instructions, so you can do it yourself.

If there is something you want or need that isn’t on this list.  Ask anyway.  We resolve to help you the best we can!