Greetings, InReach Friends & Partners!

Wow. What a year it has been. Recently, I was musing with a friend that each week of 2020 has presented a unique challenge; we concluded, rather optimistically, it can only get better from here. Enter Coronavirus and COVID-19. Thank you for the reminder Universe, things can always get worse. As depressing as the thought might be, it is also unequivocally uplifting. There really is no need to focus on how bad things are, or how they can be better. The important thing to focus on is today. I’ve got a good job with a great team, I have a wife that continuously compels people to tell me “You’re a lucky man,” and I have a house in a great city. Everything else, well, it’s simply extra. It’s the salt that doesn’t need to be added to the rim of a margarita. What’s going on outside of those facts doesn’t change the fact that they are…for lack of a better term, facts. So, my message this month is, take things as they are, don’t dwell on what they might become. Enjoy the quarantined time with your family, or, if no kids are in the picture, enjoy the peace and quiet. If things get worse, well, that’s tomorrow, deal with it then. For today, discover what the facts are in your life, and cherish them.

If there is anything else I can offer as a comfort in this time, it’s that InReach is here for you, and we are not going anywhere. As a company, we enjoy a one-day-a-week work from home policy, which means prior to current events, our infrastructure was already in place to handle a complete off-site team. What does this mean for you? Just because we aren’t in our physical offices it doesn’t mean we can’t assist with moving that in-person event to an online format, moderate a webinar, or help your learners navigate your catalog and access their content. We are full steam ahead and more dedicated than ever to work with all of you to ensure your continued success. If you need us, call us, no matter where you are, no matter how far, don’t worry…I think you know the rest.

Stay healthy y’all

Brandon Eiland