Welcome to 2018!  One of my first assignments as the new President here in Austin is to share some thoughts with everyone.   Although this is my first official month behind the wheel, I did spend a good deal of time last year getting to know our industry and becoming familiar with the InReach team…and what a great team it is.  We are lucky to have a mix of new faces and long-timers, making for a healthy combination of energy and ideas all aimed at keeping our products and services the best-in-class.

All of us at InReach wish the very best to our outgoing CEO, Neil Ashizawa.  Neil has accepted a new opportunity within our corporate group and they are lucky to have him.  Neil helped InReach tremendously while at the helm, overseeing the successful transition from obsolete to leading edge technology.  At the same time, Neil helped restructure company resources and bring on new talent.  In short, InReach is better now than it was when Neil took over.

So, what’s next?  Now that we have completed our transition to newer, more advanced technology, we are back in the process of enhancing our already robust functionality.  Our efforts are aimed at improving the success of our clients by making the learner experience more effective than ever.  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements regarding our ongoing development efforts.

If I have not met you yet, I hope to soon.   In addition to being at many industry events, we are planning a few road trips to meet face-to-face with clients whenever we can.  Of course, you are always welcome to come see us in Austin.  We just moved into a new office and would love to have you visit.  Finally, we’re planning a wonderful User Conference in the DC area later in the year.  Plan to join us if you can.

Some final thoughts…I am excited by this opportunity to be part of the InReach team.  I am lucky to get to work with a great group of people.  We are looking towards the future, which will be shaped by the needs of our business partners…you!  Please reach out to me whenever you come across ways that we can help more than we already do.  Contact me directly: ddecker@inreachce.com.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Happy New Year!