“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw


More often than not, when asked why they’re considering changing up their continuing education program to offer more online options, association leaders cite the need to keep up with the changing times, technologically speaking. They also mention the fact that the fast paced lives of their members demands greater flexibility and availability when it comes to meeting their continuing education requirements and goals. As the presence of Millennials becomes more abundant in today’s workforce it becomes even more obvious that going online is not so much the way of the future anymore, but very much an integral part of our present.

Many of us know and understand that change can be scary, but it’s typically one’s thinking about those changes that end up being the real monster under the bed. Often the changes themselves times are revealed as being not only necessary, but long overdue. It’s important that your association remains relevant and useful to its members. To do this, it’s important for your association’s leaders to collect well-informed observations on developing trends, such as learner preferences. Research shows that many learners not only desire quality content, but they also want that quality content to be accessible online and in a variety of ways from webinars to podcasts to on-demand content. Check out this Learner Preferences Infographic to learn more.

To remain relevant to your members, and keep attracting new ones, it is vital to not let your organization linger in that uber-comfy space where what was once considered dependable has quickly turned into the un-imaginative and outdated. Embracing the change! It will ensure the heath and success of your organization. Our “Ten Critical Areas of Success” tip sheet goes into detail about how great content in a convenient, user-friendly platform can help you help your learners. See the tip sheet here.