It’s no secret that continuing education is an aspect of the professional world that is here to stay and is quite important. In today’s fast paced world with a workforce that is becoming more and more technologically literate, it’s important that your continuing education keeps up with the times. It’s essential to consider your audience—what do they need? How soon do they need it? What will entice them to be more receptive? HOW CAN WE HELP THEM? Our stellar client services team got together to highlight some tips and tricks to making your members’ online continuing education experience both user-friendly and an exceptional value-add for their continued membership. Here are just a few suggestions from our team to yours to help you help your members.

1. Do you have any courses your organization is especially excited about? Feature them on your online catalogue! Make them stand out.
2. The use of graphics can effectively round out the online experience by enhancing and personalizing it. A flat, boring webpage usually translates to a flat, boring experience.
3. Highlight any important dates or special promotions. Help keep your learners as informed as possible so they can make decisions pertaining to their education needs that are not only timely, but personalized.
4. The use of live social media updates can enhance communication and keep your program relevant.
5. Using ratings and reviews keeps your learners adequately informed. What did past registrants think of the content? These reviews can help others make the decision as to whether a particular course is right for them and their learning goals.

These are ONLY a few of the helpful tips that our team has come up with to ensure your organization’s online continuing education experience is nothing less than outstanding. If you want to make a tangible and positive impact with your continuing education and really give your members what they need, please contact us at