29 09, 2015

5 Ways to Highlight the Value of a Continuing Education Platform

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Recently we’ve spent a lot of time of time discussing how continuing education can be an important revenue driver for your organization. And while we’ve gotten some great success stories, we’ve also gotten some questions on how to convince your organization/Board to invest in a continuing education management system (CEMS). So, we kicked the idea [...]

22 09, 2015

Tips & Tricks to Creating a Program with an Impact

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It’s no secret that continuing education is an aspect of the professional world that is here to stay and is quite important. In today’s fast paced world with a workforce that is becoming more and more technologically literate, it’s important that your continuing education keeps up with the times. It’s essential to consider your audience—what [...]

10 09, 2015

Embrace the challenge, embrace the change!

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw   More often than not, when asked why they’re considering changing up their continuing education program to offer more online options, association leaders cite the need to keep up with the changing times, technologically speaking. They [...]

1 09, 2015

The Price is Right!—How to Fine-tune Your Pricing

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Fine-tuning your pricing in relation to your continuing education programs can have a significant impact on your profits, but it isn’t always easy. We’ve created a must-have tip sheet to take the guesswork out of pricing, and here are 3 takeaways to get you started. Consider human behavior We humans are complex and diverse, but [...]

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