We asked our resident webcaster, Paul Meador, about some tips to follow for a successful streaming educational experience. Previously we posted his suggestions concerning an adequate internet connection. Here’s what he had to share with us about another important aspect of an online training or event: audio.
Paul explained, “It’s very important to always remember that video simply enhances the course experience, but audio IS the content. Without good, clean audio, you have no content.” Here are some suggestions that Paul provided to ensure your audio is up to par for your event.
• Good audio is the second most important aspect of a live event. It must be clear, clean, and crisp.
• Test your audio source. Are you bringing in mics or depending on the facility’s mics? In either case it’s very important that you make certain your audio is perfect.
• Reach out to the venue’s Audio/Video personnel to schedule a good time to test the audio, giving enough time to eliminate buzzing and ensure you’re receiving a strong signal without interference.
• Try to test the audio (and internet connection) the day prior to the event.
• Make sure you have extra microphones in case one of them suddenly stops working.
• On the day of your event, make sure you build in time with the presenter to enable them to practice with a mic. If you use handheld mics this may not be necessary, but if you use clip-on mics or a podium you may need to adjust the position of the mic to ensure optimal audio quality.
So far, Paul has given us some great guidelines for ensuring top quality for your online content. Stay tuned for our next installation of the “Ask A Webcaster” Series where we will be talking in-depth with Paul about video.