Traditionally summer is the time to load up the car with kids, pets, and whatever luggage will fit and hit the road for a summer road trip. And, if you have any hope of reaching your destination, you need a trusty map to guide you through all the twists and turns on your journey.

This summer, we’ve created a guide to help you along your path to CE success. As with any trip, you begin by determining how far your current location is from your destination. In the CE world this means evaluating your delivery methods and looking for the quickest way to reach the largest audience. Market research will show you that learner preferences and purchasing trends all point towards online CE.

The next fork in the road you’ll encounter involves all the decisions that need to be made around pricing. Understanding how people make purchases, and what tactics you can employ—bundles, coupons, eary-bird specials—can keep you on the fast track to revenue success.

In addition to a good pricing strategy, it never hurts to look for a short-cut that will help you reach your destination faster. You could find this short-cut by placing your content into a distribution network that will enable you to reach learners across the country, or by enabling online advertising on your catalog.

Ultimately, understanding your learners, revenue opportunities and the unique assistance technology can provide, will get you to your final destination quickly, safely, and perhaps most importantly, with a minimum of detours and wrong turns.

Click here to download the map to CE success