Video is an important aspect of our everyday lifestyle. It drives the daily decisions we make, whether we realize it or not. According to Forbes, including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%. They also report the top 3 most effective types of video content are Customer Testimonials (51%), Tutorial Videos (50%), and Demonstration Videos (49%); InReach can help you create all three! Many of you have utilized our services to create these type of videos, as well as other premium content, and some of you may not even know this is something we can do.

Statistics aside, video is a very powerful and effective way to reach your learners. Our production department is mostly utilized to create and optimize content a learner will see only after registration. We can actually create videos for learners to see pre-registration, such as the aforementioned tutorials and testimonials, to help you boost those sales.

Let’s review some of the ways you can enhance the end user experience, both pre and post registration.

Effective Post-Registration Services

Logo Intro Videos……………………………………$750

The first service we will cover is one of the easiest for you to take advantage of, and the fastest way to boost your programs. A Logo Intro Video is a quick, animated rendering of your association’s logo that is placed at the start of all your programs (even your online live events, if you choose). This is a very simple and cost-effective way to quickly establish your association as a serious and professional provider of CE content.  Click Here to see some different logo intro video animations, using our own logo as an example.

Premium Production Services…………………See link below for pricing

Our premium production services ensure your content meets every standard of high quality, engaging, and exceptional video. We can capture your content using professional grade HD cameras, or edit your current content with color corrections, custom graphics, and many more to provide top of the line CE that will leave your learners engaged and highly satisfied. Whether you are looking for multiple premium courses, or a single project, we have a flexible and competitive pricing structure to match your needs; Click here to learn more.

Transcription w/ Closed Captioning……….$2.00 per minute.

Transcription only………………………………….$24.95 fee + $1.00 per minute.

Transcription and closed captioning is an important feature to have when attempting to produce effective content. It is a common misconception that only the deaf and hard-of-hearing utilize closed captioning. In a recent study conducted by BBC, 7.5 million of their viewers used close captions, however only 1.5 million were deaf or hard of hearing; this means 80% of those viewers used closed captions even though they didn’t require them for accessibility. We suspect this would be especially true for our partners, whose terms of art can be quite complicated; closed captions can assist with the learning and comprehension of these terms. This is just one additional way your association can increase learner satisfaction while setting yourself apart from most competitors.

Effective Pre-Registration Services

Course Testimonials/Trailers…………………….$100/production hour

If you are at all like me, when you are looking for something to watch, you want to know what the movie is about before deciding to press play. Sure, I can read the synopsis to get an idea, but 99% of the time I will choose a movie only after watching a trailer. A trailer sets the stage, creates excitement, and most importantly helps me realize it is the movie I want/need to see. While CE isn’t exactly a cinematic experience, the core concept remains the same. Creating a trailer, especially when sprinkled with end-user testimonials, will set expectations for the learner, helping them confirm this is the course they want/need. And hey, who’s to say it also won’t generate a little excitement!?

Another way to utilize this service is to think outside of registration level videos. We could create a testimonial video that speaks to your association overall. Place this video on the main page of your catalog, and you have now established yourselves as a passionate and professional organization dedicated to CE.

Tutorials/Demo/Explainer Videos………………………………$100/production hour

Tutorials and Demo videos will greatly enhance the learners experience on your site. Want to highlight a new registration process or catalog feature? Or maybe you want to create a tutorial on how the learner can submit their credit. Whatever the process is, a tutorial or demonstration will undoubtedly increase user satisfaction. These videos can be still images, shot video, or even 100% animation! Look here to see an example of a what your demo video could look like.

As you can see, there are many ways we can help your association reach the next level to assist your members and learners. Even if it isn’t listed here but you have an idea, let us know! We have an excellent creative team, and we may be able to help. If you have any questions regarding the above options or have an idea for a project, don’t hesitate to reach out to your CSM; the solution is always InReach!


Brandon Eiland, Manager of Operations


Brandon Eiland, Manager of Operations