What is your role with InReach?

As the Manager of Client Success I help oversee the day-to-day operations of Production Services, Live Events, Contact Center and contribute to the Client Success team. I spend my time equally between the various departments, and view my primary role as immediately diagnosing and resolving any technical or customer issues. This covers everything from escalating issues to engineering or re-distributing workloads to ensure that nothing impacts performance or our clients. While this can sound reactionary, really it involves a lot of planning and preparation to ensure no issues arise. We run a well-oiled machine here, and my job is to keep all the gears aligned and look for any potholes in the road.

How have your past experiences helped prepare you for this role?

I’ve worked at all levels in the organization, and that has given me a great perspective. I started in the Call Center where I got great insight into the end-user experience. Insight that I shared with my clients when I moved into the role of Client Success Manager. As a CSM, I was able to tie the end-user experience to the client experience and was able to give clients feedback on how to optimize their catalogs for their learners, and give InReach insight into end-user and client needs. As a CSM, I primarily worked with our clients in the medical sector, but moving into the role of team lead, I learned more about the variety of clients InReach supports and the product features and InReach services they found important.  So really this rich background in end-user and client support prepared me for my current position and goals of making our clients as successful as possible by ensuring that daily efficiencies generate greater success and that the end-user experience is so above and beyond that learners come back to our clients, and us, for more education.

What’s the one thing you think all customers should know?

They should know view our client relationships as true partners. InReach is here to support their goals as it relates to revenue, membership growth, learner satisfaction etc. Our interests are truly aligned, and  CSMs are clients’ best advocates in the company and can help them determine the best way to leverage all the other resources InReach has to support their goals and growth.

What excites you most about the upcoming year at InReach?

Personally, given the role that I am now in, I am really looking forward to creating new and innovative ways to approach our day-to-day operations and client support. We’re evaluating processes, determining which ones need to be tweaked or completely revamped and in the process are increasing our ability to strategically flex our resources and better support our clients. 2015 is shaping up to be a year of growth, both for our clients and for InReach, and I’m helping the team prepare for that.

On a fun note, when did your obsession with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles begin?

Oh, I’ve always been connected to them. They came out in ’84, the year I was born, and since I was introduced to the comic books at the age of 5 I’ve been hooked. Back then, they were a little more edgy, not the happy-go-lucky, pizza eating characters they’ve become today. But even though they’ve changed drastically over the years, I’m hooked and shamelessly follow them now, as reflected by my office décor.