After our recent webinar with Avectra, an Abila company, we got to thinking more about engaging members and what that really means and how to effectively do it. Here’s a selection of articles to read as you consider what engagement means for your association.

What We’re Scoring When We’re Scoring Engagement

A tool for tracking and measuring member engagement can be valuable for any association—if you can decide what “engagement” actually means to you, first.

You Dropped the Ball with Member Engagement. Now what?

You become so absorbed elsewhere that when you look up and get a chance to focus on member engagement you realized it’s been months and nobody seems to be around.

Let Your Member Data Show You the Way

How one association unbundled some of its benefits and packaged them around “clusters of behavior” in its member engagement data.

Use Data to Provide a Personalized Online Experience

People increasingly expect a personalized online experience. For members who don’t volunteer or go to events, your website is the association. Imagine if your website combined personalized content with a social community — it could become a regular fixture in your members’ lives.

Getting Personal: Why Your Association Needs to do it for Members

Why should you personalize your online content, and how can you get personal?

6 Simple Steps to a Big Data Strategy

Every company, big or small, in any industry, needs a solid big data strategy. While most are scared or overwhelmed to even start, I always try to make it clear that by following some very simple steps anyone can start with strategic big data thinking.