This month we thought to take a look and see what our partners have and been blogging about and saw that all of them, in one way or another, have been focused on change. Whether it is why change is necessary, strategies for change, or how to successfully implement change in your association, you’ll find something to pique your interest. Interested in more? Check out the Abila, HigherLogic and HighRoad Solutions blogs.

The Moneyball Effect and what it means for Associations – It’s a Team Game!

Moneyball, tells the remarkable story of how the Oakland A’s professional baseball team managed to win enough games to make it the playoffs—despite having a team payroll that was roughly one-third of big-market teams like the New York Yankees. What does baseball have to do with association management? Simply put, this team, with a very limited budget, managed to achieve their surprise success by using stats (data) in an entirely new way. Not big data, but actionable data!

The Style of Technology

What many associations don’t realize is that there is a style to technology–it’s been around long enough that it has its own thang and if you’re still using the same old stuff in the same old ways then we can either call it vintage tech or we can call it outdated.

Why your online community needs the Board of Directors

Interestingly, while hundreds of associations have successfully launched private communities, the governance structure that exists for other parts of the association is still primarily absent from the community.For organizations that want to maximize the effectiveness and success of their online communities, this needs to change in two ways.

Associations As Workplaces: Flexibility Can Lead To Results

Considering some associations employ up to hundreds, if not thousands, we think remembering the association’s role and responsibilities not only to its members but to the hardworking teams behind the scenes is paramount.

Fat, Dumb & Happy: Disease of the Association & Non-Profit Market

David Nour wrote an article on the FD&H curse afflicting the insurance industry. Read a summary of the article and understand how the same issue it applies to the association industry.

Healthier Association, Higher Membership Performance

How one association cured its ailing membership numbers with a multifront upgrade to its core systems and services.