In the CE marketplace, competition is fierce and your learners’ expectations are high. They’re accustomed to the best online video streaming experience from providers like Netflix, Hulu and even YouTube. So how do you position your organization as the “go-to” resource for CE and meet the demands of high-quality programming?

Elevate your superior topics and speakers with the enhanced InReach Broadcasting and Production service levels, tiered to meet your needs for continuing excellence in online continuing education. Let’s start with the broadcast itself.

Live Broadcasts

Lagging or buffering video is extremely frustrating. Our enhanced Broadcasting Service offers high-quality streaming with an adaptive bitrate to ensure an optimal viewing experience for each member according to their individual streaming capabilities. To make your online viewers feel like they’re in the same room as the presenter, our enhanced service boasts first-rate picture and audio as well as live multi-camera switching that can include a direct feed from the presenter’s computer, allowing the online viewer to see any slides, images, videos or websites being displayed to the in-person audience. This can also include a second camera with the ability to move around the room to capture close-ups, audience interactions and materials being utilized in the room.

In addition to the professional camerawork, there are other ways to visually enhance the broadcast, such as building and layering lower-third graphics, embedded Twitter feeds and sponsor advertisements that can be customized to the specifications required for any program. With regard to course codes, participation tracking and supplemental materials, your viewers can complete and receive credit almost instantly while you can expect the same level of reliability that our company has provided for over a decade and a half.


We understand that lighting, sound and video transitions can be challenging, that’s why we offer our expertise to help your program reach new levels. Following the recording, our production specialists will import the assets and edit together a final program complete with slides, media clips and multi-camera perspectives, captivating your members with a course that is highly engaging visually.

Once in our post-production editing suite, our specialists will put each program through our image-enhancing process. This ensures that the dynamic content is being matched with dynamic visuals. All audio tracks will be analyzed and cleaned with the audio-enhancement process to provide crisp, clear sound to complement the speaker’s presentation.

During the post-production process, changes or additions can be made with smooth video-to-video, video-to-image and video-to-slide transitioning. The best part? All of this can be done within our standard production time frame so that you can begin generating revenue right away. High-quality broadcasts and media production will not only set you apart from your competition, but further establish your organization as the leading online CE content provider, while creating buzz, attracting new members and maintaining a loyal customer base returning for more.

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Written by our awesome Production and Live Events Manager, Kevin Berg!