HighRoad Solution, the only digital agency that offers a portfolio of cloud-based eMessaging software used by and endorsed by the American Society of Association Executives, announced two new strategic partnerships in the area of professional development. The partnerships were formed following HighRoad’s decision to divest itself of its webinar and audio conferencing business to fully focus on the continued development of its automation solutions.

The two new partners are InReach and Sound Connect. InReach was chosen for its comprehensive online learning and certification management software platform coupled with its content team who conduct webinars and webcasts to capture, edit and prepare content for on-demand purchase and viewing. Sound Connect was chosen as a provider of webinar and audio conferencing services that associations can use in a self-service approach to offer online events and capture content.

While conferencing has been in HighRoad’s service portfolio since the inception of the company nine years ago, the strategic decision to divest the business was made to allow HighRoad to fully focus on the expansion of its integration and automation software solutions that power the email and inbound marketing programs of top associations and non-profits.

“Our clients’ success comes first. We’re confident that the products and services provided by InReach and Sound Connect will remain at the level of quality that HighRoad clients expect,” stated David Caruso, CEO and Co-Founder. “The divestiture allows us to fully focus on continuing to work with associations and non-profits to automate their communication processes to save staff time and modernize their digital communication programs to fit the lifestyle and needs of a wide variety of target audiences.”

HighRoad Solution designed and developed the very popular, fully automated Associations Now Plus email newsletter for the American Society of Association Executives. The newsletter allows each member to create their own unique experience by selecting the type of content, expertise level of the content and frequency of content delivery.

“Associations Now Plus is a great example of a data-driven automated solution that associations are now using to stay relevant with their members while providing the operational relief needed on staff time,” explained Ron McGrath, CTO and Co-Founder. “Our solutions are having such impact both for staff and constituents that we clearly saw that we need to continue our work in automation and business process improvement. Partnering with great companies like InReach and Sound Connect allows us to better serve our clients while staying laser-focused on what we do best.”