Inspired by the events we’ve attended in the last month, and knowing that many of you are gearing up for your annual meetings and other large events, this month’s Must See Six is focused on event tips.

6 Ways to Create a Must-Attend Conference

Meetings and conferences are a large percentage of non-dues revenue for most associations. So you better create one that can’t be missed, right? Here’s how to get started.

The 8 Must-Have Elements to Make Your Presentation Rock

Making a session more interactive doesn’t have to significantly increase the length of your meeting or blow your budget. Here are 10 simple ways to make general sessions more interactive.

Futurecast: How Your Meeting’s Digital Strategy Will Need To Shift

Discover the technologies and trends to look out for at conventions this year.

6 Amenities Guaranteed to Make Your Next Event Better

Six seemingly small features that can prevent minor inconveniences from marring an otherwise perfect event experience.

Yes, Your Conference is your Brand

Brand your conference so it reflects your association and industry to attract the next generation of conference attendees.

4 Secrets to Securing More Sponsors and Exhibitors

Don’t think of exhibitors and sponsors in traditional terms. Instead, think of these companies as members of your team.