Our stellar Webinar Manager, Jennifer Higgins, knows what it takes to give a great presentation. Here are a few pointers she’s gathered along the way that will not only bring a sense of ease to the process, but make the material much more relatable and interesting.
• Remember it’s a team effort, your moderator/webinar coordinator is there to ensure your success, so leverage their assistance from the beginning. Share your presentation materials early in the process and maintain an open dialogue with your coordinator as you make changes or tweaks.

• Think, software compatibility! Allow plenty of time to make sure your visuals are compatible with the webcast software and send your materials to your moderator/coordinator early-on. When rushing to get materials in at the last minute certain visuals like animations or videos can lead to glitches.

• Spice up your PowerPoints. While a clean design and professional font are key, don’t be afraid to add some pizazz and razzle-dazzle to make your presentation memorable. No one wants to sit through black and white PowerPoints.

• A picture is worth a thousand words. When speaking about a particular topic, it’s attention-grabbing to have a picture or illustration related to the subject matter to really drive home your point.

• Follow the 7×7 rule. Instead of miles and miles of text on one PowerPoint slide, remember the 7×7 rule: 7 bullet points of 7 words each. Following this rule will ensure a clean, digestible presentation. Also, your slides are just an aid! Resist the urge to jam a ton of information onto one slide. It’s not meant to be a crutch, but a helpful visual.

• Course titles should be logical and concise. Wordy, lengthy titles can turn learners off and reduce participation. The average human being’s attention span is quite short. Brevity is almost always more appealing.

• Be engaging! When it comes to the actual presentation, delivery is important! It’s difficult to see every facial expression via a webinar or webcast so it is really important to emphasize certain points with hand gestures and vocal inflection. Bring life to your presentation using your voice and overall presence.

• Have a great attitude! You’ve been asked to share your unique knowledge and attendees have taken time out of their busy schedules to absorb the knowledge you have to offer. The pride you take in your work and your enthusiasm will translate into a truly memorable learning experience.

For more tips from Jennifer check out her Huffington Post article, “8 Ways to Rock your Presentation”.