InReach held its first Annual User Group Meeting two weeks ago, following the ACLEA conference here in Austin.  We were very pleased with the turnout, especially since it’s our first attempt.  And even more pleased with the feedback we received as to the value it delivered.  It was great to see a good cross section of legal, medical and financial services clients in the room.

We presented the Ohio State Bar Association with our 2013 Partners in Excellence Award.  This award is given out annually to the client that we feel has exemplified everything we encourage our clients to do in order to grow—deliver a wide array of offerings in terms of both content and delivery type, deliver a great learner experience, and work hand in hand with InReach to take both of our organizations to the next level.  The OSBA delivered on all three criteria in spectacular fashion, netting a 30% year over year revenue growth.  Congratulations to Fran Wellington, CLE Director, and the whole OSBA CLE team!

Jeff Cobb, of Tagoras Consulting, provided some valuable tips and techniques for making your pricing decisions a little more data driven and less of a dart throw, and Sharron Rush got us all educated on what it means to be fully electronically accessible to the disabled, a trend that is quickly becoming a legal requirement in the U.S.  A few of these presentations are available on demand if you want to take a look.  InReach Director of Product Management, Neil Ashizawa, closed the session with a look at what’s on tap for 2014 product development.

It was a great opportunity to have robust discussion on the future of professional education, and to hear more from our clients on what they need to do in order to be successful in an environment that is more competitive and more crowded than ever before.  It was also great to see the real collaboration amongst clients, sharing successes and failures, and learning from one another as we all try to raise the bar.

We are already planning the 2014 User Group to be bigger and better, so stay tuned for more information on that.  And let the competition begin amongst you for the 2014 Partner in Excellence Award!