Continuing education accreditation, particularly continuing legal education accreditation, requires thorough knowledge of mandatory legal continuing education rules that affect the credit requirements in each state. It can take hours of research for a CLE provider to determine if their courses meet state requirements. Each course must be approved by accrediting bodies, and the approval process often includes long applications as well as the completion of multiple forms and other supporting documentation. These administrative tasks consume precious staff resources, leaving less time for course creation and marketing.

Many of the leading continuing education providers have discovered that contracting with a CLE administration expert is efficient and effective.   By leveraging the expertise of a CLE administration firm, continuing legal education providers save time since their staff is not burdened with preparing applications, applying for mandatory course credit, submitting attendance reports or preparing Certificates of Attendance. Moreover, when utilizing a CLE administration firm, CLE providers can be assured that their courses meet the frequently changing MCLE rules and procedural requirements.

As part of InReach’s constant search for ways to support our customer’s growth, we have partnered with File CLE, a full-service CLE administration firm that assumes the CLE administrative burden on behalf of numerous CLE providers. As Tiffany Merklinger, File CLE principal, explains, “With File CLE you have dedicated and experienced staff focused on administrative support. We are your liaison with jurisdictions and can handle all the application, compliance, and financial aspects of CLE administration. We eliminate the need to train staff on the intricacies of jurisdictional requirements, and free up their time to focus on other high priority tasks.” File CLE offers both full service and á la carte CLE administration options.

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