Have you ever wondered what your learners are looking for in their continuing education (CE) content? Well, now you have the chance to hear one learner’s perspective. We sat down with Ryan Green, our InReach Controller, to find out first-hand what he looks for in CE.

Ryan: “As an accountant in the state of Texas, I have to take 40 hours of CPE each year. Naturally, I try to find courses that directly relate to my day-to-day responsibilities and meet my CPE requirements. I’ve been a practicing accountant for 7 years, so I’ve taken a lot of CPE in my time. What I find the most useful is educational material that is not only relevant, but engaging and well organized.

I’ve come to appreciate CPE providers who make the effort to provide mandatory topics, like Ethics, in an interesting manner. I’ve struggled to stay awake through many an ethics course, and was bracing myself for the same boring experience last year, but was pleasantly surprised. I stumbled upon an ethics course that engaged me by using real world examples relevant to my work environment and provided the information in simple, jargon free language. Even better, they used frequent mini-quizzes to check my comprehension and this helped break the learning into easy to remember chunks—and kept me focused and engaged.

This year, I plan to take more courses from this provider, even though my membership association provides me with discounted CPE. Forty hours is an appreciable amount of time, too long to spend dozing through poorly executed, rambling presentations.

Working at InReach, I’m aware of all the latest technological developments in CE, and how our customers are utilizing them. So, you could argue that my standards are very high, but I would say that what really matters in CE is well organized, relevant content delivered in an engaging manner.”

Do you know what your learners want in their CE? For more insight into what learners are looking for in CE,check out our infographic!