Predicting Success: What Your Learners Want

Predicting Success: What Your Learners Want

As a continuing education pro, your instincts can be pretty spot-on on what will and won’t be successful with your learners. But, your instincts become even more powerful when you have some access to data to inform your decisions.

By leveraging data on learner preferences, you can give your program that inside edge. Simply having as little as two key pieces of data may be enough to knock it out of the park, or at least help you predict winning strategies for your program.

The first is that, in a 2014 InReach survey, 69% of respondents feel that they should be able to take all of their continuing education online. With the majority of respondents, who covered a spectrum of professions and age ranges, wanting to take every course online, you can’t lose by making your content available online 24/7.

Going back to the adage of “knocking it out of the park” there is more data to back up these stated learner preferences.  A whopping 83% of professionals had taken an online class within the previous 12 months.

So if you’re debating over whether to take your program online, or are considering whether to expand your online presence, this data should help you see that online education is a safe bet.

For more information on learner preferences check out this infographic.

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