Convenience: it’s an expectation we have in many aspects of our lives both online and in-person. We’ve grown accustomed to centralized online services where we can get everything we want or need and have it shipped directly to our door in two days. Want to watch a cat video like literally right now? You can do that!   Imagine that kind of convenience 20 years ago! Now if only the DMV could catch up…

Continuing Education doesn’t have to be like the DMV and nor should it be! Your InReach powered catalog is designed to maintain those expectations of convenient shopping and content streaming (CE, not cat videos) and now we’re taking it a step further in giving your learners the ability to track their Continuing Education credits in the same place they’re purchasing and consuming them. Enter CE Tracker.

The InReach powered CE Tracker allows your learners to automatically track the credits they’ve earned within your catalog AND allows them to keep track of credits they’ve earned from other sources – making you their central hub for everything CE related. What’s more, if you have a Single Sign On with InReach, the self-reporting feature can be made available to only members, providing another benefit to help you meet your membership goals. Sounds simple, right? Convenient, even?

If you’d like to know more, you can see an On-Demand demo of the CE Tracker through our training catalog. Click here now!