We’re counting down to May 15th for the first Innovation Seminar exclusively for Association and Non-Profit executives focused on evolving your workforce, communications, technologies and budgets.

These four key areas were highlighted in the 2014 State of Digital Marketing in Associations report conducted by Demand Metric where associations and non-profits are significantly trailing behind corporations. In an effort to bridge that gap, this seminar series brings together thought-leaders and executives to construct strategies to improve your organizations and identify growth opportunities.

You’ll hear great sessions on the following topics:

  • The Inbound Mindset: Aligning Your Not-for-Profit Offerings to the Modern Consumer
  • The Modern Workforce: Modern Jobs, Skills & Talent Identification
  • Learning for the Modern Adult: How Digital Has Changed Everything
  • Modern Marketing: How to Grow
  • Modern Events: Attracting, Engaging & Retaining Attendees
  • Modern Communication: Delivering Measurable Value

Join us in New York on May 15th for a day packed full of valuable, original content that comes from working with hundreds and hundreds of associations and non-profits. Hear statistically relevant data that can be used as a way to benchmark your organization and the opportunity to participate in the 2015 study. Lastly, you will experience a group of do-gooders who are real: authentic, well-meaning and huge believers in moving our industry forward.

Also, we’re taking this show on the road, you can register in advance for summer and fall dates in Chicago, Toronto and Washington, DC.

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