2016 is coming to a close sooner than we realize! For some of you, the last of the year means the busy season for you and your members; for others the busy season is a distant memory and planning for the next year is underway. No matter what point you are at, here at the InReach office in Austin, we’ve been busy all year and will continue work in early 2017 to bring you a more modern, usable back-office suite of administrative tools to support you in 2017, 2018, 2019… you get the picture.

Access to the Tools you Need

But before we get too far into looking to the future, let’s take a step back.. As you know, Google made the decision to drop support for NPAPI plugins in their popular browser, Chrome. Microsoft Silverlight is an NPAPI plug-in so InReach’s administrative tools were affected along with many other applications using the same technology. While you can still use other browsers, it’s important to us that you have access to the tools you need to manage your continuing education program regardless of what browser you’re using. Enter HTML5.

Enhance Usability of the Product

Over the next few months, we’ll be converting sections of the InReach admin tools from Silverlight to HTML5, starting with Event Manager then moving on to the Customers and Products sections. Our primary goal is enhancing the usability of the product, while maintaining feature parity where you need it the most. Overall, moving to HTML5 is the primary goal.  We will make a few enhancements, but we are sensitive to not changing existing features and functions too drastically.

Almost Ready to Go

Our first module, Event Manager, is almost ready to go! Our internal teams have been testing it, retesting it, and testing it again over the last few weeks and we’re very excited to get it into your hands. If you use InReach to deliver webcast or webinar programming, you’ll see the impact of the conversion almost immediately. If you utilize us primarily for on-demand programming, you may not see much at first, but know that our Production team has an even better set of tools to serve your production needs. All of the features in Event Manager are still there of course, but we’ve added some enhancements in the conversion process as well. Such as:

  • Single Slide Upload
  • Speaker Slide Management/Organization
  • Responsive Alerts/Messages
  • HTML5 Real-Time Slide Control for Speakers
  • More!

Look out for training on Event Manager and a reach-out from your Client Success Manager on enabling the new module soon. We’re extremely excited to get this in your hands and we are grateful for your patience in this process. Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in delivering the highest quality continuing education programming, you are appreciated.