How much time do you spend marketing your CE content to existing customers? How many spreadsheets do you have tracking what people bought in order to determine which new products they might be interested in? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could automate this?

We’ve been thinking a lot about marketing recently. And I don’t mean just marketing InReach (though that is always a plus) but how to help clients market their content to learners. As a marketing professional, I know how time consuming this can be, and I really rely on technology to help me maximize my time. That’s why one of my favorite features of the InReach product is our automatic content notifications.

While that’s not the prettiest or catchiest name, it is an accurate description of how the feature works. Learners are automatically notified when new content is added to the catalog. What makes this a marketing tool, is that learners can select categories of interest, so they only receive notifications of content that fits within that category. This means that the right product is presented in the right way, at the right time, which vastly increases the likelihood of a sale or registration. Since these are automatic notifications, it lets you focus your time on other forms of marketing which can be a bit more time-consuming.

Now, I have another question for you. How many of you have the time for mundane communications, or wish you had more things to remember? My guess is no one. Most jobs today do come with mundane tasks that while they are not difficult, eat up your valuable time and quickly become a burden. One of most common complaints in the CE is world is the time required for reminders and notifications. While these are necessary communications, they can leave you with little time for the more important aspects of your job.

That’s why InReach offers a number of automatic notifications, so you can create a template and then just “set it and forget it”. Whether it is confirming a course registration, sending a sales receipt, or reminding a learner of an upcoming live event, the InReach system can handle that automatically, saving you time and peace of mind. Now, I wish I could say that this is a unique feature to InReach, but that would be a lie. Most learning management or continuing education management systems offer something along these lines, but it’s important to understand if other platforms allow you to use RTF or HTML editors to create custom templates that are identical to your organization’s other communications. We consider this a part of maintaining a consistent brand experience for your learner, and your dedicated Client Success Manager can help you create and tweak those emails.

So, if you are looking for a way to maximize your marketing and streamline your communication process consider giving us a call. For our existing clients, look for the upcoming training around effectively leveraging InReach notifications.