The New Year is a time for new beginnings, new resolutions, and new ways of thinking that will ensure your resolutions reach fruition. We all start the year with a long list of resolutions and a desire to enact real change. However, as we sift through inboxes cluttered with old holiday offers or deal with crises that blew-up over the holiday break, it’s easy for our resolutions to become lost in the day-to-day mundanity.

So this year, instead of a list of resolutions, resolve to start your new year with a new way of thinking. Use the natural refresh a new year offers to adopt a new mindset for your Continuing Education program. Resolve to be strategic, to think strategically, and to align your actions with your strategic intent.

Strategic Vision for your Continuing Education

With all of the responsibilities a CE department has, it’s important that resolutions are strategic and prioritized to support the organization’s long term goals. Focusing on your long-term goal makes it easier to prioritize daily tasks, and evaluate processes and tools to determine if they meet your needs.

So what’s your strategic vision for 2016? Are you focused on providing the richest member experience? Or, is your continuing education a key source of revenue for your organization and your 2016 goal is to maximize revenue growth? No matter where your strategic vision falls in this spectrum, make sure you have a clear strategy for growth.

Evaluate your CE Processes and Software

Use your strategic vision as an evaluation tool. We’re a little over a week into the year, so reflect back on how you spent your time in 2016. Did you spend most your time on meaningful tasks that will drive your goals forward? Or, were you mired down with manual tasks and redundant processes? Do your processes make it easier or harder to accomplish your goals?

Consider all the software you use on a regular basis to run your continuing education department. Is the software designed for ease-of-use? Does your continuing education platform delight or frustrate your members? Is it engineered to maximize revenue?

If the answer to most the questions above is “no” consider making some changes. Find technology partners that can help you turn your strategic vision into reality.