As we move into what will undoubtedly be another successful year at InReach, we would like to properly introduce our new President, Don Decker.

His transition follows current CEO & President Neil Ashizawa’s promotion to a new role where he’ll leverage his experience and knowledge to help grow the overall Jonas business unit, of which InReach is one part. (We wish you all the best, Neil!)

Don comes to InReach with 34 years’ experience in the computer software industry, 8 of which have been within the Jonas family. From managing a 13-state territory in the Midwest as a Regional Sales Director for Computrition, Inc. to serving as the General Manager of MonarqRC, Don is no stranger to effectively managing people.

Along with his experience, Don’s natural sense of leadership makes him a great fit for the InReach team. Not only does he have incredible confidence in the company, he is also a firm believer in being honest and transparent. For example, when asked what he’d like to see upheld under his leadership, Don stated, “encouraging people to share their thoughts with others and be open to ideas and viewpoints that may be different than their own” — an idea that will most definitely help cultivate a culture of innovation and advancement for InReach.

Now I know what you are probably wondering, what does this means for you and your customers?

Well, what we can say with absolute certainty is, our approach to business will remain client-centered and focused on continually exceeding expectations. While needs and technologies may change, understanding how best to serve customers is never-ending. And it is Don’s commitment to deliver products and services that will better serve YOUR needs. Such aspects of the continuing education industry like multi-platform delivery, improved convenience of achieving CE and courses catered to learners’ schedules, are all areas to be explored in the future.

So although we may not know where exactly technology will go in the coming years, we do know that InReach, with Don’s guidance, will continue to provide the best products and services possible, which will meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

We look forward to you getting to know our new president! Feel free to reach out to him at or by phone at (309) 657-8864.