Technology is advancing at an alarming rate and significantly impacting the world around it. Daily activities such as shopping, watching television, even communicating with others, can now be done online.

An area that has also followed suit is education, specifically CE. Tangible materials and in-person events are falling to the wayside due to young millennial professionals dominating the workforce. This shift to a new demographic with different learner preferences, is setting the standard for how associations deliver content to their members.

Keeping the focus online, as an association you have to also consider the ease to which individuals’ access information and the myriad of options they have of receiving said information. The question then becomes, “How do you stand out amongst other associations?”

The answer is simple, ensure member satisfaction.

The more you can keep your members engaged and satisfied, the more likely they are to renew their membership. Also, happier members, tend to share their experiences with others, which could also lead to new members!

If you would like to learn 5 tips to increase member satisfaction in your organization, check out this tip sheet!